Important information concerning GPG Mail support for macOS Sonoma

Mail and GPG Suite logo on macOS Sonoma background

macOS Sonoma + GPG Mail

With the introduction of macOS Sonoma, “Mail Extensions” have replaced macOS Mail plugins, such as GPG Mail, which has previously provided enhanced features to macOS Mail.

The good news is Mail Extensions come with an officially supported API which will guarantee better stability. As of now, some functionality is still missing, but we are working closely with Apple to have that added in future releases of macOS.

Unfortunately, without some of these missing functionalities, it's not yet possible to release a version of GPG Mail as a Mail Extension to our users.

We hope to be ready as soon as possible.

What does the future of GPG Mail look like?

Mail Extensions guarantee better stability and security, as each extension runs in its own process, isolated from accessing any macOS Mail related data directly. APIs will also keep extensions from potentially breaking with each update of macOS.

Starting with macOS Sonoma, enhancements we want to add, that directly affect the macOS Mail user interface, will require additional APIs to be added to Mail Extensions by Apple.

If you find features that are missing, it's best to file feedback with us as well as with Apple, so they can get an idea what our users care most about.

We will continue to do everything we can to offer you the best possible support of OpenPGP on macOS.

Thank you for your understanding,

GPGTools Team